Retargeting / Remarketing

The principle of ‘retargeting’ involves identifying visitors who have previously interacted with your website or your mobile app and continuously targeting them with relevant ads whenever they are online. Retargeting works to increase customer awareness of your products or services, thereby increasing your sales opportunities. Statistics show that returning visitors to your website through retargeting are 70% more likely to make transactions compared to first-time visitors.

Elite Smart will create your advertising campaign to encourage previous visitors to your website to convert into actual customers. We do this through an intelligent advertising system that enhances customer re-engagement.

Regular Retargeting

The focus of this method is on previous visitors to your website. For example, those who have already visited your website or your mobile app. We will set up your advertising campaign to display your ads to them multiple times whenever they are online.

Interactive Retargeting

This method focuses on products or services that people have previously viewed on your website or mobile app. In this type of advertising, specific products or services are chosen and displayed interactively to those people whenever they are online.

Search Ad Retargeting Lists

The focus here is on visitors who have previously interacted with your Google search ads. We, in turn, will re-display your ads to these individuals whenever they perform a new search on Google.

Video Retargeting

The focus is on viewers who have previously interacted with your video content or YouTube channel. We will re-display your ads to these individuals whenever they use YouTube or watch video content on the Google Display Network, other websites, or smartphone apps.

Retargeting through Customer Lists

We will upload a list of your customers’ contact information that you have available, and it will be dynamically synced with people when they log in to Google. Then, we will display relevant ads across Google’s products.

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