YouTube Ads

YouTube is known as the world’s most widely used video-sharing platform, with daily views exceeding 100 million in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone. By advertising on YouTube, you will work to improve the reach of your message to interested customers in the right place and at the right time.


Where do your customers live?

Enter the target market with confidence through strategic YouTube advertising. We have the flexibility to help us determine the geographic reach of your ads according to your preference, whether you want it to narrow down to small neighborhoods or expand to encompass the whole world without boundaries.

Target Audience

Who are your customers?

We can identify the right and beneficial customer segment for your business in terms of age, gender, income level, etc. We will design a YouTube advertising strategy that allows it to reach the intended target audience with certainty.


What are your customers interested in?

Based on the interests of your target audience (e.g., business, sports, health and beauty, fashion, etc.), the advertising system will identify videos related to the topic of your business, so your ad appears during their viewing.

We will enhance the chances of your YouTube ads reaching the right people at the right time on suitable YouTube channels. You won’t need to advertise to everyone; it’s enough to reach the people interested in what you offer.

Display your ad at the right time when your target customers are searching online or watching videos.

You can reach your target audience with your ads when they are on the YouTube homepage, searching for a specific topic, or watching YouTube videos, where your ad will appear during the display of those videos.

Skippable ads during viewing

Your ad will appear to the audience who has previously shown interest in your business while watching related videos on YouTube. Viewers can skip the ad after the fifth second. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged unless the viewer watches your ad to the end, exceeds 30 seconds of viewing (real views), or interacts with your video by clicking on the ad’s link and visiting the landing page, whichever of these actions comes first.

Non-skippable ads during viewing

Your video ad can last up to 20 seconds without the ‘Skip Ad’ option appearing. This way, you can ensure that your ad message reaches the viewer entirely. You will be charged per every 1000 times your ad is shown.

Advertising while browsing

Expand the reach of your ad and connect with viewers on YouTube through search results, whether on the homepage or within related video content. You will only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your ad by clicking on the video.

Encouraging viewers to take action

To achieve your desired results with your ad, we will encourage viewers to take specific actions after watching your ad. These actions may include directing viewers to a link to your website, urging them to subscribe to your YouTube channel to watch more of your videos, or inviting them to contact you by phone or messaging. The primary goal is to provide more content and information to your customers.

Your Website

Getting visitors to your website is an achievement in itself. This can increase the visibility of your site and its reach to interested customers, which plays a significant role in boosting your business opportunities. You should work on enriching your website with everything related to your products or services to capture the attention of potential customers.

Your YouTube Channel

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to describe your products or services in as much detail as you’d like. This means your customer will have all the necessary information to engage them. You can also invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel to watch upcoming videos, which might encourage them to share these videos with others.

Successful Video Advertising Campaigns

It’s crucial to maximize the benefits of your online video advertising for your business. The smart elite will put in all the necessary effort to create and manage your video advertising campaign in a way that yields the highest return on investment.

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